Origin of the cowboy boot

ImageImageImageImageImageThere Is a debate on where exactly the famous cowboy boot was invented or who invented it. Some say It is generally agreed that Charles Hyer of Kansas was the first to invent cowboy boots in the late 1800 s. More recently it has been debated if cowboy boots are an American creation at all. 

so here’s the other opinion , that cowboy boots are reportedly a boot that was traditionally worn by a group of nomadic warriors called The Huns http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Huns

Did I mention that the Huns came from the steppes of Central Asia?

And that they rode horses…and conquered…all the way to what is now France?

The Huns brought the boot technology that allowed them to conquer well established nations to Eastern Europe and beyond.  The Moors incorporated the boot into their own riding style.  Then, the Moors brought the boot and stirrup to what is now known as Spain.  The Spanish came to the new world, and the very first cowboys on the North American continent appeared…in Mexico.  These vaqueros, who lived and worked in California, were the biggest influence on cowboy culture.

Whatever the case may be I absolutely love cowboy boots and their various styles and colors, designers have been doing spectacular things with these original warrior footwear and turned them into a fashion statement that almost every fashion conscious , hip dresser must own.


we have favorited some well known cowboy boot brands that we think are just awesome, and I’m always a sucker for studded cowboy boots .

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