Barefoot shoes and round toe tabi socks

So, our samples arrived rom Turkey and Pakistan  the other day. We ordered some round toe tabi socks aka leather socks. One ankle ballet flat type, and the other kind of like an ankle ballet bootie type.

We have big plans for these socks/shoes, by adding a thin rubber sole , to preserve the leather under ther sock, and also allow you the feeling of walking barefoot without compromising style.

Here’s a peek at what we’ve got so far, with more to follow……..




We have a few of the black, in sizes 8-11 , so if interested then message us. They fit like a glove, just like wearing nothing on your feet all day .


2 thoughts on “Barefoot shoes and round toe tabi socks

  1. Hey,
    I am interested in ordering around 8 pair of these muslim leather socks in different colours. Is that still posible?
    Kind regards katja

    1. Hi, just seeing this. We only have the color black in stock at this time in multiple sizes which can bought through in our Thaqafah store. As for 8 pairs in different colors, then this wouldn’t be possible since these are made in bulk wholesale orders, and not small quantity orders.

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