Barefoot shoes and round toe tabi socks

So, our samples arrived rom Turkey and Pakistan  the other day. We ordered some round toe tabi socks aka leather socks. One ankle ballet flat type, and the other kind of like an ankle ballet bootie type.

We have big plans for these socks/shoes, by adding a thin rubber sole , to preserve the leather under ther sock, and also allow you the feeling of walking barefoot without compromising style.

Here’s a peek at what we’ve got so far, with more to follow……..




We have a few of the black, in sizes 8-11 , so if interested then message us. They fit like a glove, just like wearing nothing on your feet all day .


Stand apart from the crowd with Shargiy sandals by Thaqafah

If you love the Middle East , or just plain funk in your style, then feast your eyes on our madas Shargiy sandals , created especially for Thaqafah shoes……….make a statement, standout, be unique…/handmade-sandals-pink-patent-leather…






Tell the truth: Fashion Mistakes

Tell the truth: Fashion mistakes

I think everyone has a time when they wake up in the morning , attempt to wow the outside onlookers with their killer fashion sense, but then just completely miss the mark…..


Be honest how did you feel once you had gotten dressed, left the house , and proceeded with the rest of your day, then looked down at yourself and realized that you looked a complete wreck?!


Or did you have to be pulled to the side by a mutual friend whom you absolutely trust her fashion advise, to tell you the terrible news?………..


At any length , if you’ve had this experience or not, just take the time on your free time and pre for see what outfits you could rock that will compliment you personal style and attitude……. And if you feel comfortable with your ensemble, then you know what they say “style is in the eye of the beholder” 😉