Barefoot shoes and round toe tabi socks

So, our samples arrived rom Turkey and Pakistan  the other day. We ordered some round toe tabi socks aka leather socks. One ankle ballet flat type, and the other kind of like an ankle ballet bootie type.

We have big plans for these socks/shoes, by adding a thin rubber sole , to preserve the leather under ther sock, and also allow you the feeling of walking barefoot without compromising style.

Here’s a peek at what we’ve got so far, with more to follow……..




We have a few of the black, in sizes 8-11 , so if interested then message us. They fit like a glove, just like wearing nothing on your feet all day .



Luxury, Runway,Traditional sandals from the East to you

New peshawari chappals collection for women are hot and on the runways of Paris and beyond , from top luxury designers who see the beauty of these native Pakistani sandals……

Now available in our etsy shop, our colorful , unique array of Peshawari Chappals for all of you fashionable ladies. Sizes 7-10 available…/handmade-sandals-animal-print-leathe…

Who’s down for a pair of fly leather socks?

We will be featuring the most fabulous leather socks on the market this coming Spring Summer season to join our Thaqafah collection.

Leather socks are comfortable and wisks away sweat in your feet as you wear them.

Leather socks have been worn for centuries if not thousands of years, by nations throughout history. The Japanese leather socks are called Tabi and the Arab or “Muslim” leather socks are called khuffs (sock in Arabic ).

If you are into earthing, minimalism,comfortability, or just down right fashion, then our socks will be perfect for you. They have made their way on the runways of Milan and now they will be available for all who would like to sport them.

They will be featured in an array of colors and styles throughout the seasons. They can be worn indoor or outdoors, depending on surface (I wouldn’t recommend rock climbing in them).

Follow us to be notified when purchase will be available, and feel free to ask any questions concerning this new collection of socks.








Tunisia has got it going on folks

Soooooo, turns out that Tunisia also has babouche that they produce as well. I have to tell you that these nations have some of the flyest footwear in the world. Right up there with Turkey, Spain, India,Italy, Portugal, and Mexico, in my shoe making masters book.

The designer world has been scoping and copying these styles for years, and it’s time to introduce them to the world at large for who and what they are and come from.

That is what Thaqafah is all about, aiding the artisans of these countries to bring the old with a new modern twist, along with keeping the shoes trendy without compromising tradition and quality.
Love love these shoes (la sigh).










The babouche

Hey listen, I don’t know about anyone else but we can’t get enough of the moroccan babouche. They are elegant, colorful, unique, diverse,and just down right funky man!
We have some custom made babouche on their way straight from Fez Morocco handmade by some skilled artisans with generational knowledge of footwear and years of experience.

We have put our own personal spin on them though, which we will post once they arrive………..











Guess who can carry an extra pair of shoes?

Now I’m sure all of you have had times when you’ve worn a pair of shoes just for fashion and totally Killed your poor toes for the sake of looking good.

If this is or was you, then you are in for good news. This solution is by far a new idea or invention, but it is a spin and update on an old idea.

We have designed a roomier shoe bag from the prototype of a classic shoe bag from the 1960’s. The shoe bags are roomy and stylish. Made from a mixture of genuine leather/suede, and fabric.

Theses convenient bags will be launching soon, and I advise you to stay stay tuned for the collection of shoe bags by Thaqafah


1960’s shoe bag




New and roomier shoe bag…….

Stay tuned for more colors ,styles, and where to buy your very own.

Style Education 101: Biker Chic


I think most young and old fashion forward Americans would agree that biker jackets was or will be a part of their wardrobe at one time or another in their fashion life’s journey.


Needless to say that I myself got my first biker jacket from Harley Davidson when I was 12 in the 7th grade, and I was the coolest girl in my entire grade because if that jacket.


For all those who love this dark leather bad boy~bad girl look, then you must know that this style originated in the United States by veterans of the war in the 1960’s, who developed clubs and social dealings through their love of bikes and biking. As well as the danger that often times followed these biker groups and gangs.



Whatever the origins were, the fashion world has been heavily impacted and inspired by an American sub culture that developed, seeking a social haven for veterans coming home from a war that filled them with a taste of the thrill of danger, lawlessness, and everything in between.



Even if you’re not an “American Biker” , we can sure look like a fashionable one from time to time when we get in our bad girl~bad boy moods! Thanks to their mark and contribution to the fashion world at large…..




Ink Shoes, Shoe Designer Of The Week

Ink shoes by Berncchini, is an Italian handmade footwear brand that was originally created for men in it’s humble beginnings in 1905.


It is now a third generationally owned shoe company, that is internationally sold, but is exclusively handmade by Italian Artisan shoe cobblers.



The brand now creates handmade master pieces for both men and woman alike, not falling short in each seasons’ designs.



The craftsmanship and detail worked into these shoe works of art are both timeless and impeccable……



If you love a good handmade shoe that will last and age with you , like we do…..then try Ink shoes on for size when you look to buy your new shoes!

xoxo Sole Shoe Boutique