Cecilia Furlan Handmade

In The Workshop

So I came across this funky hip footwear brand out of Argentina called Cecilia Furlan.

I’ve actually been following them for some time and decided to finally write a post about the brand and share them with you.

Some of the best shoes that I’ve bought and worn in the 90’s were from South America from the likes of Brazil, Argentina, Peru etc. They have some of the best shoe makers and very colorful by culture which goes into their shoes inevitably.

According to the designer the brand was started in 2009 and are thriving in the present with a six person crew which is very impressive.

Here is more from the designer:


“After finishing studying textile and clothing design at the University of Córdoba, I began to feel something special about shoes and the need to create those little shoes myself that I imagined, but could not get anywhere.

It was thus that I decided to do a postgraduate degree in Footwear Design and Manufacturing, and finally in 2013 I started the Cecilia Furlan brand. I especially chose my name, precisely to represent those ideas that have been in my head for so long and that continue to inspire me to this day.

From the beginning I wanted our products to be made 100% by hand, through a careful, meticulous and quality process. and with noble materials.

The comfort of the shoe is one of our pillars, and luckily our clients recognize and value it constantly. Quality, comfort and timeless, feminine, and eclectic designs are qualities that have characterized us since our beginnings.

We are a team of 6 people who make all this possible, against all odds, but very happy to achieve it!”

I’m totally a fan of these shoes and I hope you will be as well. So if you would like to purchase some of the shoes then you can visit the site which is in Spanish.

I’m not quite sure if the designer speaks English but there is a WhatsApp icon on the site to contact them directly. Doesn’t hurt to try.

Shop Cecilia Furlan Shoes : http://cecifurlan.com



Tunisia has got it going on folks

Soooooo, turns out that Tunisia also has babouche that they produce as well. I have to tell you that these nations have some of the flyest footwear in the world. Right up there with Turkey, Spain, India,Italy, Portugal, and Mexico, in my shoe making masters book.

The designer world has been scoping and copying these styles for years, and it’s time to introduce them to the world at large for who and what they are and come from.

That is what Thaqafah is all about, aiding the artisans of these countries to bring the old with a new modern twist, along with keeping the shoes trendy without compromising tradition and quality.
Love love these shoes (la sigh).