Cecilia Furlan Handmade

In The Workshop

So I came across this funky hip footwear brand out of Argentina called Cecilia Furlan.

I’ve actually been following them for some time and decided to finally write a post about the brand and share them with you.

Some of the best shoes that I’ve bought and worn in the 90’s were from South America from the likes of Brazil, Argentina, Peru etc. They have some of the best shoe makers and very colorful by culture which goes into their shoes inevitably.

According to the designer the brand was started in 2009 and are thriving in the present with a six person crew which is very impressive.

Here is more from the designer:


“After finishing studying textile and clothing design at the University of Córdoba, I began to feel something special about shoes and the need to create those little shoes myself that I imagined, but could not get anywhere.

It was thus that I decided to do a postgraduate degree in Footwear Design and Manufacturing, and finally in 2013 I started the Cecilia Furlan brand. I especially chose my name, precisely to represent those ideas that have been in my head for so long and that continue to inspire me to this day.

From the beginning I wanted our products to be made 100% by hand, through a careful, meticulous and quality process. and with noble materials.

The comfort of the shoe is one of our pillars, and luckily our clients recognize and value it constantly. Quality, comfort and timeless, feminine, and eclectic designs are qualities that have characterized us since our beginnings.

We are a team of 6 people who make all this possible, against all odds, but very happy to achieve it!”

I’m totally a fan of these shoes and I hope you will be as well. So if you would like to purchase some of the shoes then you can visit the site which is in Spanish.

I’m not quite sure if the designer speaks English but there is a WhatsApp icon on the site to contact them directly. Doesn’t hurt to try.

Shop Cecilia Furlan Shoes : http://cecifurlan.com



If you don’t know Papucei shoes then you are missing out

Papucei shoes are one of the funkiest, free spirited , uniquely quirky footwear brands out there.

I have been a fan of this brand from Romania for quite some time and have been following them for years now.

The color contrasts, funky free designs only those who are unique and comfortable in their own skin will dare to wear, and the overall individuality the designer has in creating their shoes.

Have a look at some of my picks from their recent season collection and judge for yourself.

If you love them as I do then head on over to www.papucei.ro and show them some shoe love.


Style Diversity

Quirky Accessories for your shoes and Ears

What I love so much about what I do is never getting board of the new talent that I find in the world. People are unique individuals and they produce things that are unique to them as individuals.

I have stumbled upon a new quirky accessories brand based out of Russia called Plyaka Accessories and they make avengers styled footwear accessories that double as earrings which I thought were so creative.

The accessories have various animation of animal faces , beautiful colored patterns and human animated faces and fringes as its design. Beautiful paired with your favorite shoes to jazz them up or wear them as earrings. From the looks of the brand page on Instagram they also have clothing with some of their designs printed in them which is a plus for those ladies that aren’t into shoes or jewelry.

I absolutely love these creations and find them to be so unique and beautiful. They don’t have a website unfortunately so if you want to purchase then you must contact them through Instagram and their what’s App. @plyaka_accessories



Thaqafah Woven leather mules Spring 2019 Ready

Add some color to your footwear with our custom dyed leather woven slippers…..



Powder pink


And many more colors available just contact us and inquire, and custom colors are also an option.

Be my guest Here.



Thaqafah shoes Pom Pom Woven mules

These artistic woven mules remind me so much of Figue shoes. The Pom Poms make them so fun and colorful, as well as feminine and versatile. If you are looking for a unique shoes that is handmade and customizable then this style from Thaqafah shoes is it.

They are called Pom Adad and can be checked out Here.

Vayarta Shoes are the perfect travel shoe

Packable, comfortable, and insanely chic, these unisex loafers are the one pair of shoes you need to take on your next trip.

Nothing has the potential to derail a good packing job like a pair of shoes. There’s only so much stuffing, squeezing, and—for lack of a better word—smushing they can take before you have to either give up and leave them at home, or take everything out of your suitcase and start over again. And while I love a great packing challenge, I love a packing solution more, which is why I was so excited to discover what just might be the perfect travel shoe.

Vayarta loafers are many things: Handmade (in ultra-soft leather by local artisans in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico), hand-dyed (in colors that range from soft blush to bright cobalt to basic black), and unisex. They’re also utterly simple, with clean lines and a minimalist design that manages to be eye-catching in its restraint. The shoes are the brainchild of Maryam Nassir Zadeh boutique co-founder Uday Kak and brand partners Sarada Ravindra and Andre Wiesmayr, who were looking to design an elevated version of the everyday loafer. What they’ve also done is create a travel shoe that eliminates the need for pretty much any other footwear.

You can pack them in your suitcase (the soft soles make them infinitely more smushable than your traditional loafers) or wear them on the plane, where their lightweight, slipper-like design will keep you comfortable no matter how long your flight is. And once you land, pair them with wide-leg trousers and a crisp button-down, cropped skinny jeans and a silk top, a floral summer dress, or your beach uniform of cutoffs and a striped tank—in other words, the extra outfits you were able to pack with all that free space.

Shop their latest designs at : https://vayarta.com

Outfit of the day: styling with Off white Paul Smith and Thaqafah Shoes

Outfit of the day: Off White multi sweater, Thaqafah silver sparkle Babouche , Paul Smith dotted navy slacks

Sweater: off White https://www.farfetch.com/shopping/women/items.aspx

Pants: Paul Smith https://www.farfetch.com/shopping/women/items.aspx

Shoes: Thaqafah https://www.etsy.com/shop/Thaqafah

Outfit of the day: Styling with Thaqafah shoes, Loewe and MSGM

Shoes: Thaqafah https://www.etsy.com/shop/Thaqafah?ref=seller-platform-mcnav

Coat: MSGM https://www.farfetch.com/shopping/women/msgm-striped-coat

Bag: Loewe https://www.farfetch.com/shopping/women/loewe-hammock-cant-take-it-small-bag

Taking ethnic footwear to the modern level

The most beautiful thing about fashion is that we have fusion. Fashion can be influenced by many cultures and tailored and designed according to the designer and what they are trying to convey through their art and brand.

Thaqafah Shoes (our house brand) is on the paths to merge old world ethnic design with modern fashion. The brand also uses local craftsmen who have been in the shoe game since yay high, and provide for their families solely through this skill. The shoes are created using ancient techniques and handmade from start to finish which give them character and being.
Check out some of the latest designs from Thaqafah and take a peek at the site to see the rest of the collection and stay tuned for more to come from Thaqafah in the future.

See the rest of the collection http://www.thaqafahshoes.com