Taking ethnic footwear to the modern level

The most beautiful thing about fashion is that we have fusion. Fashion can be influenced by many cultures and tailored and designed according to the designer and what they are trying to convey through their art and brand.

Thaqafah Shoes (our house brand) is on the paths to merge old world ethnic design with modern fashion. The brand also uses local craftsmen who have been in the shoe game since yay high, and provide for their families solely through this skill. The shoes are created using ancient techniques and handmade from start to finish which give them character and being.
Check out some of the latest designs from Thaqafah and take a peek at the site to see the rest of the collection and stay tuned for more to come from Thaqafah in the future.

See the rest of the collection http://www.thaqafahshoes.com


Designer of the week: Cydwoq

Handmade artisans craftsmanship straight out of California, never fails to miss a beat in their shoe design and art!

Cydwoq has been one of our favorite shoe brands over the past 8 years or more, and the styles, designs , and colors just get better with every collection.

Designer of the week is deservedly going to CYDWOQ shoes

Visit them today at http://www.cydwoq.com


Ink Shoes, Shoe Designer Of The Week

Ink shoes by Berncchini, is an Italian handmade footwear brand that was originally created for men in it’s humble beginnings in 1905.


It is now a third generationally owned shoe company, that is internationally sold, but is exclusively handmade by Italian Artisan shoe cobblers.



The brand now creates handmade master pieces for both men and woman alike, not falling short in each seasons’ designs.



The craftsmanship and detail worked into these shoe works of art are both timeless and impeccable……



If you love a good handmade shoe that will last and age with you , like we do…..then try Ink shoes on for size when you look to buy your new shoes!

xoxo Sole Shoe Boutique

Latest shoe and handbag jewels from Sole Shoe


Rebecca Minkoff


Loeffler Randall crossbody


Anuschka leather crossbody


Will leather, leather and textile tote


Liebskin handbag


Nine West flats


Marcus Frances decor purse


IIIbec crossbody


Liebskin striped leather handbag

Shoe designer of the week Esska

Shoe designer of the week goes to Esska shoes of London. The designer Souraya Karimi actually started out in the field of architect, but then decided to design shoes because of the lack of designer footwear geared to the unique and confident fashionista.




The styles and colors of this shoe brand are vibrant, unique, quirky, and fashion forward. If you love being different and making a statement with your footwear as much as we do, then try Esska shoes on for size.



xoxo Sole Shoe Boutique

Designer of the week: Toga Archives


About the designer:
Yasuko Furuta created the brand Toga in 1997. Toga originates from the Greek word meaning “draped clothes”. Graduate of Esmod Paris, Yasuko Furuta is a self-taught designer, who made a name for herself in Japan, where she worked as a freelance costume maker.
Her first collection, presented in a showroom in 1997, caught the attention of many buyers and journalists. She held her first fashion show in 2001 during the Tokyo Fashion Week for the Autumn-Winter Collections 01-02. Distinguished by its exclusive fabrics research and experimental volumes, the Toga silhouette is urban, deconstructed and avant-garde.
In 2003, Toga was awarded the Mainichi Fashion Awards for its Autumn-Winter 03-04 collection. In 2004, TOGA opened its first boutique in the Ebisu district of Tokyo.
Did anybody else used to pretend you were a Greek or roman when you were a kid ,taking the bed sheets and wrapping them around you like a toga? I know I did, And it was fuuuuunnnn:)
Well toga archives although its meaning directly describes the garment that the ancient Greeks and Romans used to so fashionably sport back in their day, Yasuko’s garments are nothing short of elegant style.
Her style caught my eye because the fabrics , the design,and love that she puts into her garments are both unique and diverse. Yasuko gets 5stars from me because I am impressed with this women’s designs.
xoxo Sole Shoe Boutique