Stand apart from the crowd with Shargiy sandals by Thaqafah

If you love the Middle East , or just plain funk in your style, then feast your eyes on our madas Shargiy sandals , created especially for Thaqafah shoes……….make a statement, standout, be unique…/handmade-sandals-pink-patent-leather…






Peshawaris for ladies just for Thaqafah

So we finally got the design worked out for the peshawari sandals. I didn’t share this before, but the first pair of peshawaris that were constructed were square at the toe and they looked too manly.

For those who don’t know, these sandals are worn by men in India and Pakistan, but for the first time they have been styled for women in a feminine way.

Others have tried, but the sandals still have that square toe that makes it look exactly the men’s sandals.

Our collection will come in a pleasant array of colors and beautiful stitching, and will be ready for purchase as soon as they arrive.


Final design…..

Tell us what you think ladies and gents, and it will be greatly appreciated

Original design


Talk about wow!!!

Ok, so I found this awesome Japanese brand that have the most amazing shoes that I’ve seen in a long time. I actually stumbled upon them by looking for something else actually (aren’t those the best finds) ;)……..

The company/brand is called Mizutori, and they specialize in putting a modern spin on the ancient geta shoes of Japan. The shoes come in a series of styles, from your basic but chic slip on, to your clog, and platforms.

Have a look and be the judge of their greatness- I know I am testifying……











Year round sandals? Why not?!

Who doesn’t like a good way to still look good and keep a little money in our pockets? Just think about it , some of us shop in consignment shops thrift stores and clearance racks to stay stylish but not out on your bum broke because of it.

Well if this describes you, then i will share my thoughts with you on winter sandals! The thought of it is just exciting right? now this doesn’t mean break out your thong sandals in the winter and freeze your poor little manicured toes in the cold while you rock your new fur coat, that’s not what I’m suggesting here , but rather take a look at these and let me know what you thinkImage

absolutely Gorgeous and ingenious idea!

Image It may be old news for some but new for others, just saying.


You don’t have to pack away those favorite platform summer sandals after all just winterize them!Image

The more color the better!


Have fun winterizing your favorite summer kicks!

xoxo Sole Shoe Boutique


Rosa Mosa ss 2013 collection


Salzburg born Simone Springer and Yuji Mizobuchi from Kyoto are the designers behind the rosa mosa label

They have been creating shoe master pieces for some time now , and we have been proudly following them take a glimpse at their ss 2013 collection, and if you love good craftsmanship and art in shoes then you’ll love these……..