Year round sandals? Why not?!

Who doesn’t like a good way to still look good and keep a little money in our pockets? Just think about it , some of us shop in consignment shops thrift stores and clearance racks to stay stylish but not out on your bum broke because of it.

Well if this describes you, then i will share my thoughts with you on winter sandals! The thought of it is just exciting right? now this doesn’t mean break out your thong sandals in the winter and freeze your poor little manicured toes in the cold while you rock your new fur coat, that’s not what I’m suggesting here , but rather take a look at these and let me know what you thinkImage

absolutely Gorgeous and ingenious idea!

Image It may be old news for some but new for others, just saying.


You don’t have to pack away those favorite platform summer sandals after all just winterize them!Image

The more color the better!


Have fun winterizing your favorite summer kicks!

xoxo Sole Shoe Boutique