Shoe label Beau Coops by Carrie Cooper


I am feeling the shoe line from designer Carrie Cooper, she worked with and used to design shoes for Alexander McQueen and she definitely has outdone herself with her very own standout style label Beau Coops

Heres a little insight about the label : (taken from the site


Beau; denoting a stylish man, and Coops;

referring to the designer, Carrie Cooper.

This is a brand reflecting the coming

together of ideas and styles.



The Beau Coops agenda is simple: to

offer beautifully designed, classic

footwear and accessories, that represent

a lifestyle of comfort, quality and style.



Made in Italy and inspired by her former

East London home, the unisex label

embodies what the designer refers to as

“boyfriend chic” – reminiscent of that

special piece borrowed from a loved one.


The colors , style, and designs are awesome she definitely knows her way around a shoe. I’ll have to give it to her ,she as skills in shoe design I love the label and will be following her for years to come.

One thing for sure ladies if you decide to get yourself a pair of these funky kicks, you most certainly won’t see many other women rocking them along with you.

Love Sole Shoe,

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