Keffiyeh Fashion

I came accross this beautiful top by just scrolling through instagram earlier this afternoon, and the top happened to be made from the famouse Palestinian keffiyeh fabric. The fabric is usually used to make scarves, that the military men wear, and religious men from the Muslim world wear. But somewhere down the line someone had a genius idea to make this beautiful scarf fabric into clothing.

Namely a new emerging brand called: Cecilie Copenhagen 



Well, we had to put our two cents in by jumping on board to assemble some keffiyeh threads of our own, with a twist. The fabric is so chic and unique, that the style pair ups are endless. 

Have a look at what we put together: 


Paired with some leather barefoot shoes.





Pleats Please!






Pleats Please, as I understand is a new brand by Issey Miyake , but that’s not the topic of today’s post. I wanted to mention how much I love pleats. I mean don’t get me wrong they look fantastic, chic, brings out the beauty in a garment or curtains, or even furniture upholstery , but why are they so darn hard to perfect when hand sewing them into a “garment master piece to be”!

I’ll have to be honest , when I used to sew back in the days ( late teens, early twenties) not that I’m that old now 😉 , I surely wrecked my share of garments trying to make a pleated master piece. From what I’ve recently learned is that if you’re going to attempt to make a pleated garment by hand , then it has to be perfect step by step, or else if you miss one step then you’ll have to start all over :0 ( now how many normal people have time for that?!).

The other way to perfect pleating is to actually use a pleating machine , which I didn’t even know existed , and if I had known back then, maybe I could have purchased one and saved myself some unnecessary headache!

At any rate I love pleats and I think they are an essential pattern that every woman should own in a garment. Pleats can be worn formally, casually and any way in between.

xoxo Sole Shoe Boutique

Unique displays for unique soles

One of the  things that I love about being here in the middle  east is that there are an abundance of furniture makers all around you, and the prices are so reasonable that you wouldn’t believe.

which brings me  to the topic of display furniture that I am drooling over, if and when I  open a brick and mortar I will definately be getting some of the funkiest strangest display pieces to compliment the shoes that have come to define sole shoe boutique.

Color wood slab tableColorful wood slab table:

I would top this table with a glass topShelves

Love these wall shelves these would be easy to get  made also


Tiered table


Great for a shoe shelf or for handbags

New designer from Qatar :Elle be are

Image I just love discovering new talented designers especially from those far corners of the earth. This new brand Elle be are hasn’t fallen short in her creativity and unique style. Her pieces are both whimsical and fun , and most importantly bursting with color, which I think is very important in a women’s wardrobe.

For more of her designs visit her blog , we just added her to our fashion blog community at http//

Shoe label Beau Coops by Carrie Cooper


I am feeling the shoe line from designer Carrie Cooper, she worked with and used to design shoes for Alexander McQueen and she definitely has outdone herself with her very own standout style label Beau Coops

Heres a little insight about the label : (taken from the site


Beau; denoting a stylish man, and Coops;

referring to the designer, Carrie Cooper.

This is a brand reflecting the coming

together of ideas and styles.



The Beau Coops agenda is simple: to

offer beautifully designed, classic

footwear and accessories, that represent

a lifestyle of comfort, quality and style.



Made in Italy and inspired by her former

East London home, the unisex label

embodies what the designer refers to as

“boyfriend chic” – reminiscent of that

special piece borrowed from a loved one.


The colors , style, and designs are awesome she definitely knows her way around a shoe. I’ll have to give it to her ,she as skills in shoe design I love the label and will be following her for years to come.

One thing for sure ladies if you decide to get yourself a pair of these funky kicks, you most certainly won’t see many other women rocking them along with you.

Love Sole Shoe,