Pure gold iPhone cases made in the Middle East!

Pure 24kt gold iPhone case 2014 limited edition straight from Kuwait ! You’ve just gotta love the gulf Arabs , everything has to be top notch luxury…..





Price tag: $700 and up

xoxo Sole Shoe Boutique

Styling with Kenzo, and Phillip Lim



Sweater: by Kenzo

Shoes: by Elizabeth + James

Jogging Pants: by Phillip Lim

Purse: by Kate Spade


I just love a good exotic mix and blend of prints ,patterns, and accessories with pops of color to complete an outstanding outfit!

Cool accessories straight from Dubai : Fatma almulla

Introduçing a new quirky cool accessories brand called FMM by Fatma AlMulla, an Arabic/khaleeji pop-culture brand made with love in Dubai. A graduate of visual communication design, the designer offers a vibrantly colored selection of leather handbags which you can customize with your liking by decorating the bag with pop-culture badges. You can find out more by visiting their blog http://fatmaalmulla.wordpress.com/fmm-collection/




They also design a cute collection of graphic tees as well as iPad carriers that are fantastic!






Unique displays for unique soles

One of the  things that I love about being here in the middle  east is that there are an abundance of furniture makers all around you, and the prices are so reasonable that you wouldn’t believe.

which brings me  to the topic of display furniture that I am drooling over, if and when I  open a brick and mortar I will definately be getting some of the funkiest strangest display pieces to compliment the shoes that have come to define sole shoe boutique.

Color wood slab tableColorful wood slab table:

I would top this table with a glass topShelves

Love these wall shelves these would be easy to get  made also


Tiered table


Great for a shoe shelf or for handbags

Styling with Mary Katrantzou ,beau coops, and bernhard Willhelm

ImageJust coordinating some pieces from the designer picks I’ve been posting, and came up with an electric mix. Mary Katrantzou ‘s printed Indian stamp pencil skirt, Bernhard Willhelm ink heart ink stained blouse , beau coops platforms, and some accessories .

Sole Shoe Boutique xoxo