Style category education 101

ImageWe’re going to start giving a little style category class, just to help you along in identifying your fashion personality. Including pics of each style category


We’ll call it style education 101 who’s down for learning something new about yourself? I know I am!

Let us start with contemporary style ok here we go

What is contemporary fashion?


Contemporary:Contemporary fashion usually refers to modern, hip or in. However it also means the style of a certain time. So the contemporary fashion of a decade ago would differ from the contemporary fashion of a century ago. This style is usually expensive of high quality fabric and unique design, take a look and do some research …….

New designer from Qatar :Elle be are

Image I just love discovering new talented designers especially from those far corners of the earth. This new brand Elle be are hasn’t fallen short in her creativity and unique style. Her pieces are both whimsical and fun , and most importantly bursting with color, which I think is very important in a women’s wardrobe.

For more of her designs visit her blog , we just added her to our fashion blog community at http//

Styling with Mary Katrantzou ,beau coops, and bernhard Willhelm

ImageJust coordinating some pieces from the designer picks I’ve been posting, and came up with an electric mix. Mary Katrantzou ‘s printed Indian stamp pencil skirt, Bernhard Willhelm ink heart ink stained blouse , beau coops platforms, and some accessories .

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