Pleats Please!






Pleats Please, as I understand is a new brand by Issey Miyake , but that’s not the topic of today’s post. I wanted to mention how much I love pleats. I mean don’t get me wrong they look fantastic, chic, brings out the beauty in a garment or curtains, or even furniture upholstery , but why are they so darn hard to perfect when hand sewing them into a “garment master piece to be”!

I’ll have to be honest , when I used to sew back in the days ( late teens, early twenties) not that I’m that old now 😉 , I surely wrecked my share of garments trying to make a pleated master piece. From what I’ve recently learned is that if you’re going to attempt to make a pleated garment by hand , then it has to be perfect step by step, or else if you miss one step then you’ll have to start all over :0 ( now how many normal people have time for that?!).

The other way to perfect pleating is to actually use a pleating machine , which I didn’t even know existed , and if I had known back then, maybe I could have purchased one and saved myself some unnecessary headache!

At any rate I love pleats and I think they are an essential pattern that every woman should own in a garment. Pleats can be worn formally, casually and any way in between.

xoxo Sole Shoe Boutique