Guess who can carry an extra pair of shoes?

Now I’m sure all of you have had times when you’ve worn a pair of shoes just for fashion and totally Killed your poor toes for the sake of looking good.

If this is or was you, then you are in for good news. This solution is by far a new idea or invention, but it is a spin and update on an old idea.

We have designed a roomier shoe bag from the prototype of a classic shoe bag from the 1960’s. The shoe bags are roomy and stylish. Made from a mixture of genuine leather/suede, and fabric.

Theses convenient bags will be launching soon, and I advise you to stay stay tuned for the collection of shoe bags by Thaqafah


1960’s shoe bag




New and roomier shoe bag…….

Stay tuned for more colors ,styles, and where to buy your very own.

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