Gothic but chic



Gothic has gone chic! Would you believe it? I guess the ladies who want to walk on the dark side but not sacrifice style at the same time have options now.
You all know what comes to mind when we think of goth, that guy or girl wearing dingy all black gear with purple hair or blue for that matter , mo hawk chains hanging from the pants, the whole nine.
But I’ve gotta admit the goth style has influenced and given its contribution to the fashion community , so if your thinking of walking on the dark side but don’t want to give up your fly gear you don’t have to , here are some looks for inspiration in the goth  but chic game…….

Style: how many types are there?

ImageOk so my mind is boggling right now, i mean you see some strange outfits on people when your out and about , but to now actually have a clear view of different style categories then it explains itself the mixture of throw together s or lack of that we can sometimes run across in our everyday travels.

i put together after some research and brain scratching mixed with fashion knowledge of style terms of my own and came up with an extensive list of style types that almost everyone falls into. Wether your a fashion diva , or plane Jane then you fit into one or more of there’s categories just take a look and ask yourself which one fits you ( oh I forgot tailored)

I myself think I’m a little confused and don’t know who I am anymore lol because my style is mixed with at least 5 or 6 of these categories……… have fun figuring your style!

xoxo Sole Shoe Boutique