Let’s talk about Marc Jacobs and the chic dazzle

First off let me say I absolutely love Marc Jacobs and majority of his designs. He truly inspires me in my own path of pursuing my design career, and he has a true story of one who came on the fashion scene back in the 80’s and worked his way up to being a household luxury name all over the world.

Now let’s get into the chic oxfords Brittany available this season in both black and silver glitter, lace up. The shimmer of the silver are just fabulous and the black with gold accents are just as sleek and chic as they want to be.

Rock them how you want to, but Please have a look.




Katy Perry Kailee floral loafers

Not sure if floral appliqués are a trend this year but I like it. Floral appliqués bring such a feminine vibe to shoes and garments that I love so much.

Katy Perry has some very fun eclectic footwear that I have grown to love. The Kailee loafer is cute and simple and be paired with anything from jeans to skirts.

Take a look…..



Marc Fisher babouche style gold studded mule

Marc Fisher is a bit new to me in recent years but I really like his shoes. And everyone knows that a good slip on or mule is essential and a necessity for every fashionistas closet.

These are the Marc Fisher Analise4 loafer or mule I should say, in gold with black captoe and gold studs at the heel which make them very attractive and unique.

Check them out.

For the love of penny loafers, but with a chic twist

I absolutely love Nine West! They are one of my all time best shoe brands, not too expensive and not too cheap. They have perfect medium for everyone who is looking for style and quality but don’t want to break the bank.

I must say I quite adore these silver metallic studded non traditional penny loafers with a granny heel. I find them unique and chic. Perhaps you may too. Have a look.

If you like what you see, then be my guest and Shop away.

Sam Edelman’s Beautiful fall flats

Sam Edelman is on of my favorite designers hands down. He always creates the most unique shoes that you never get tired of nor disappointed in.

Check out these Lorraine loafers in an array skins and colors, but I’m only posting the two that stood out to me most.

Shop them Here.

Sergio Rossi steals the show with super chic flats

Now all you flats and loafers lovers out there know how important it is to have an everyday go to flat. If you are a fashion lover then you know even more so that those flats must be stylish and stand out.

Well Sergio Rossi doesn’t disappoint in their Sr1 loafer. It comes black calf leather with gold accents and a denim with studs all over. The details are what caught my eye. Classic yet chic.

Apart of the new arrivals. Excellent for fall fashion wardrobe prep.

Shop them Here.

Cecilia New York Flower accent flats

These velour ballet flats accented with a beautiful huge flower on its toe is the perfect everyday flat. They can be dressed up or down, with jeans and a blouse, or a classy dress, it’s up to you. Give them a look

Flower appliqués are really in and they go so well and are extra cute on these flats. Check them out Here.

Thaqafah shoes Pom Pom Woven mules

These artistic woven mules remind me so much of Figue shoes. The Pom Poms make them so fun and colorful, as well as feminine and versatile. If you are looking for a unique shoes that is handmade and customizable then this style from Thaqafah shoes is it.

They are called Pom Adad and can be checked out Here.