Tell the truth: Heels and grates, fashion embarrassments

Tell the truth: How many of you ladies who love your stilettos , have ever gotten them stuck in a grate?

Fellas, how many of you have seen this embarrassing episode happen to a female, and have laughed? Or did you maintain composure and give the unfortunate dame a helping hand?


Remember ladies that the grate doesn’t discriminate , it seems that even royalty has fallen victim to the unforgiving stiletto grip of the grate


Moral of the story, just wear flats, or don’t walk on grates!!!!

xoxo Sole Shoe Boutique

Outfit of the day: transforming from gold caps to black plats

Black glitter and gold button blazerClassy mustard and cream sheath dressBettye Muller gold toe patent flatsimageBlack gold embellished heel platform boots

outfit paired with Bettye Muller “gold caps” is great for office wear.

outfit paired with Boutique 9 platform boots ,and a black leather Handbag with gold hardware,then you have transformed from office to night on the town!

Bettye Muller shoes

Boutique 9 platform boots

Very Feminine indeed!


I’m so happy someone came up with this awesome idea for carrying women personals. I know I was  tired of taking my handbag to the girls room with me. So ladies you can now hold your head up high while your out at a restaurant , night out ,or at a gathering, during those “little visits” to the restroom and no one will ever know what’s in the little Femi Tote.

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Who likes chocolate shoes?


If you like chocolate shoes like we do,then you’ll love these new arrivals by Chocolate Negro. The colors and styles of these beautiful unique collection of pumps and boots just hit our store, they are made in Portugal and made with excellent craftsmanship.

xoxo Sole Shoe Boutique