Style Education 101: Biker Chic


I think most young and old fashion forward Americans would agree that biker jackets was or will be a part of their wardrobe at one time or another in their fashion life’s journey.


Needless to say that I myself got my first biker jacket from Harley Davidson when I was 12 in the 7th grade, and I was the coolest girl in my entire grade because if that jacket.


For all those who love this dark leather bad boy~bad girl look, then you must know that this style originated in the United States by veterans of the war in the 1960’s, who developed clubs and social dealings through their love of bikes and biking. As well as the danger that often times followed these biker groups and gangs.



Whatever the origins were, the fashion world has been heavily impacted and inspired by an American sub culture that developed, seeking a social haven for veterans coming home from a war that filled them with a taste of the thrill of danger, lawlessness, and everything in between.



Even if you’re not an “American Biker” , we can sure look like a fashionable one from time to time when we get in our bad girl~bad boy moods! Thanks to their mark and contribution to the fashion world at large…..




Ink Shoes, Shoe Designer Of The Week

Ink shoes by Berncchini, is an Italian handmade footwear brand that was originally created for men in it’s humble beginnings in 1905.


It is now a third generationally owned shoe company, that is internationally sold, but is exclusively handmade by Italian Artisan shoe cobblers.



The brand now creates handmade master pieces for both men and woman alike, not falling short in each seasons’ designs.



The craftsmanship and detail worked into these shoe works of art are both timeless and impeccable……



If you love a good handmade shoe that will last and age with you , like we do…..then try Ink shoes on for size when you look to buy your new shoes!

xoxo Sole Shoe Boutique